AL$ Grant Funding

The AL$ Campus Funding RFP 2018/2019 has been released.

The AL$ Annual Meeting and the OLC Affordable Textbook Conference Follow Up

If you have not already filled in the meeting evaluation form for the AL$ meeting on January 29th, we would appreciate your feedback via the five questions on this online form.  Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey by Friday, February 12.

Event resources include:                                                             

AL$ Coordinators' requested resources:

AL$ team follow up requests:

  • Faculty Stipend Models:
    • Several participants expressed a desire to learn from each other and review examples of past completed RFPs and campus stipend models from other campuses. If you are willing to share your past RFP and/or campus stipend model, please send them directly to Erin Walker ( by Monday, February 12.

OLC Meeting Resources from January 30th

  • Visit the Resource Center where you will find the attendee list as well as links to recommended reading materials (if provided) from the presenters. Presentation materials and archivist notes from each breakout session will be posted here as well.


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Starting a new campus AL$ program?


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